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Restoring Louisiana Marshes

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LiKEN is honored to collaborate in this important project to restore marsh ecosystems, reduce land loss and flood risk, and protect sacred sites through filling in the canals dredged in Louisiana’s wetlands. The Atakapa-Ishak Chawasha Tribe of Grand Bayou Indian Village, Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw, and Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe initiated the project, which integrates coastal resilience activities and cultural heritage, in partnership with the Lowlander Center. LiKEN is a subawardee on the project.  


The Project Site(s) Assessment and Preliminary Design Phase are complete and team is working towards implementation. For more information and to learn more about the project, visit the project webpage,

This project received initial funding by the National Estuaries Program’s Coastal Watersheds Grant Program, award number NEPCWG-20-Lowlander, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s National Coastal Resilience Fund, award number NA20NOS4730027. Current project implementation funding is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Aerial view of canals and land

Canal Backfilling

Aerial view of canals and land

Canals Video

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