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Julie Maldonado

Julie Maldonado

Julie serves primarily as the Climate Resilience Program Director, including as the Co-Director of The Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences. She manages a multitude of projects with LiKEN and our core partners, and facilitates participatory action research activities.

Driven to connect with like-minded hearts focused on a commitment to service, collaboration, and community-centered action to address the climate crisis, in 2015, through relationships, Julie co-founded the Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN).

Her disciplinary background is in public anthropology, focusing primarily on collaborations with Tribal communities in coastal Louisiana experiencing and responding to repeat disasters and climate chaos, including most recent collaborative efforts to restore marsh ecosystems, reduce land loss and flood risk, and protect sacred sites; and co-initiating a network for justice-driven disaster recovery. Julie lives along the central coast of California, the traditional homelands of the Coastal Chumash Nation. Together with her two children, partner, and dog, they are grateful for the coastal environment and work to respect the place they are privileged to inhabit.


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