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Forest Farming

Program Director:

Forest Farming co-produces collaborative and actionable knowledge about regenerative, multi-story agroforestry.

New farmers and people considering agroforestry as a livelihood may be inspired and educated through the short case studies, videos, and technical scenarios we are producing in our Sharing Successes in Agroforestry project.

Recent Blog Posts

UPDATE: Sharing Successes in Forest Farming across Central Appalachia

UPDATE: Sharing Successes in Forest Farming across Central Appalachia

November 27, 2020

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Community Wealth from Healthy Rivers and Forests

The Community Wealth from Healthy Rivers and Forests  project will feature outreach to 26 Appalachian counties along the Kentucky and Tug Fork Rivers. In collaboration with the Center for Heirs' Property Preservation, Friends of the Tug Fork River, and the Kentucky Riverkeeper, LiKEN will improve local livelihoods through increased access to agroforestry training, resources, and markets.

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Sharing Successes in Agroforestry

Forest farming plays an important role as we move beyond resource extraction-based economies. It can provide supplementary or primary livelihoods rooted in diverse, meaningful, and multigenerational cultural heritages. Sharing Successes in Agroforestry (SSIA) values this practice, the local knowledge that sustains it, and being ecologically tuned-in to the landscape.

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Women, Ginseng and Ecologies of Care

LiKEN's Women and Ginseng project showcases the livelihoods and stories of female ginseng stewards in Appalachia through a series of profiles and short films produced by Clara Haizlett.

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